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A Virtus Initiative

Image by Johny Georgiadis


Virtus introduces NanoClinic to bring world-class care via telehealth… Anywhere… Anytime.


The Management of UAE based Virtus Trading LLC announced a unique concept called NanoClinic with the goal of leveraging telehealth technology to connect patients with healthcare providers and expand access to care. NanoClinics shall give patients convenient access to their clinicians at alternative care sites within communities — or in regions where there is not enough demand for full-sized clinics. 


Kiosks are all the rage in retail and service industries. They come in many form factors, ranging from the fully enclosed chambers to much smaller, semi-enclosed booths that we see in pharmacies. However, kiosks haven’t been able to make the difference for providers and patients. One of the reasons being the lack of physical presence of a caregiver and the user-friendliness for first time users of medical devices. 


In addition to having a full-time nurse available, Nanoclinic will also include Medical devices for capturing all vital signs, a Point of care laboratory system for immediate lab results, a state-of-the-art robotic pharmacy for automated and secured medication dispensing and a designated area for connecting the patients with clinicians for an immediate consult. A Nanoclinic will have a minimum dimension of 6mx6m which makes it possible to be deployed at any community areas such as shopping malls, parks, corporate offices etc. NanoClinic will leverage the power of the Virtus' medical technology partners. When deployed by a Healthcare provider, the solutions used in Nanoclinic will be tightly integrated with their IT System thus enabling a continuity of care.  

Powered by Virtus' technology partners, NanoClinic aims to revolutionize care delivery in the region.


Mr. Anil Pinto – Executive Director at Virtus said “At Virtus, we believe virtual care can be the bridge of consistent patient engagement that not only increases access to care, but also drives improved care coordination and decreases cost for all stakeholders. In a time where our industry is rapidly evolving, we see this as an opportunity to bring virtual care to patients in a whole new way that intersects with patients in convenient locations. We firmly believe that NanoClinic will potentially help hospitals provide patients and communities with access to quality, convenient healthcare anywhere anytime. Given the company’s unique network of technology, Health Informatics and clinical expertise, Virtus has an unprecedented capability to help the region solve these issues pertaining to convenient access to care.”


NanoClinics shall serve as a foundation for healthcare organisations to configure capabilities like intake, documentation or scheduling and to close workflow gaps and create a telehealth solution unique to them.

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