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Originally established in 1931, Herzog has a comprehensive line of laboratory instruments for testing atmospheric and vacuum distillation, flash point, vapor pressure, bitumen properties, cold flow properties, viscosity and other physical properties. Herzog pioneered efforts to automate traditional manual methods of testing in order to save manpower and eliminate user errors. Herzog also took the lead in efforts to develop and standardize new, alternative lab methods where the hallmarks were low sample volume requirements, achieving faster results, higher precision in analysis and greater ease of use by operators with lower general skill levels.

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CID 510 - Cetane Ignition Delay

Cetane Ignition Delay

Herzog by PAC pioneered the Cetane Ignition Delay 510 instrument, a unique technology that is proven to provide the best precision in the market for determining the Derived Cetane Number of all types of diesel fuel, biodiesel, FAME, HVO, BTL, and GTL. It is a compact, easy to use, and fully automated analyzer, that offers excellent return on investment, and is in compliance with today’s safety requirements.

Accurate analysis of Derived Cetane Number (DCN) is an important tool for diesel and biodiesel fuel blenders and refineries to maintain fuel consistency and quality. Existing technologies, such as CFR Engine and CVCC methods, do not meet present market requirements with their high investment and operational cost, difficult operation, and poor system performance.

The CID 510 is in perfect correlation to ASTM D613, EN 16715, ISO 5165, IP 41, IP 615 and GOST R 58440. The patented test method ASTM D7668 is approved as standard and officially listed in diesel specifications: ASTM D975, ASTM D6751, ASTM D7467, EN 590 and GOST R 52368.


OptiFlash - Pensky Martens

FP Detection

The Herzog OptiFlash Pensky Martens determines the flash point of petroleum products, biodiesels, solvents, fluxed bitumen, food, and beverages up to 400°C. Fire detection in extended range around test cup and flash detection outside the cup.


OptiFlash Tag & Abel

OptiFlash Tag & Abel

OptiFlash Tag & Abel is the new benchmark in flash point analysis, fully designed to meet today's expectations on user convenience, quality and safety compliance. Accurately detect flashpoints from -30C to 120C for petroleum products, alcohols, solvents, chemicals, food and beverages. The OptiFlash is fully compliant with leading global standards such as: ASTM D56 (Tag) and EN ISO 13736 & IP 170 (Abel).


OptiFlash Cleveland Open Cup

OptiFlash Cleveland Open Cup

Optiflash Cleveland Open Cup accurately detects flash point up to 400°C for petroleum products, lube oil, gear oil, food & beverages, chemicals, and fluxed bitumen. OptiFlash CoC is fully compliant with leading global standards. Its automatic damper covers the cup to reduce vapor escape and extinguish possible fires.


OptiFlash Small Scale

OptiFlash Small Scale

Safe and accurate flash point determination for low volume samples. The new Small Scale Flash Point Analyzer completes PACs Herzog OptiFlash family. The Optiflash accurately detects flashpoint from -30°C up to 300°C for petroleum products, biodiesels, solvents, chemicals, paint varnishes, fluxed bitumen and food and beverages.

ASTM D3828, ASTM D3278, ASTM D7236, ISO 3679, ISO 3680, IP523, IP524, IP534


OptiDist: Atmospheric Distillation

Atmospheric Distillation


HVP 972: Vapor Pressure

Vapor Pressure


HVM 472: Multirange Viscometer

Multirange Viscometer


HDV 632: Vacuum Distillation

Vacuum Distillation


HGT 915 & 917: Gum Test

Gum Test

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