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Continuity of Care

Healthcare is evolving and, today, with shifting priorities and system challenges, several technologies like telehealth have emerged as a potential solution. However, for these technologies to be truly successful, improved system integration and accurate patient data collection are more critical than ever. Patients want to engage their physicians with comfort and ease from their own homes and physicians want to provide accurate and convenient care.

Checking Blood Pressure

Care Beyond Hospital Solutions


Care at Hand

Seamlessly integrated at the front and back end of delivery, Nonagon offers a cost-effective, smartphone-compatible device to capture clinically relevant patient data, sent directly to a physician. With Nonagon, physicians can provide an accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment plan to their remote patients — reducing the need for in-clinic visits. Using a convenient device, paired with your smartphone, you can conduct multiple, clinically-accurate physical exams wherever and whenever you want. Nonagon offers physicians a cloud-based, personalized interface, allowing them to easily and seamlessly provide care from their clinic, home or wherever they choose.

Smart Homecare Kit

Ideal for Home Health care professionals or for patients who desire self monitoring, the solution includes all essential medical devices such as Non Contact Thermometers, Auto-arm blood pressure monitor, Pulse Oximeter, ECG - Connected pocket electrocardiogram, Blood glucose meter, Digital Scope System , Wireless Stethoscope and their consumables, all in one lightweight box. 

A dedicated app collects data from all these devices and brings meaning and actionable intelligence to the patients’ health, lifestyle, choices and behaviours. The telehealth platform, available on either a tablet or as downloadable software,  gives clinicians a scalable solution to directly interact with patients where they typically receive care.


The Complete, Simple & Secure Ecosystem

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