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We provide medical instruments for disease detection and monitoring in Neurology, Cardiology, Sleep and Vascular, along with its supplies. We embrace our partner' mission to improve outcomes and patient care in these markets through innovative screening, diagnostic and monitoring solutions. We are recognized for market leadership in ECG, Stress Test, Holter, ABP, EMG, NCS, EP, EEG, LTM, ICU, IOM, TCD, Sleep and Neurodiagnostic supplies.

Sports Phone Case

Cardiology Diagnostics

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading global cause of death. Our partnership with Spacelabs, brings nearly 50 years of expertise in diagnostic cardiology solutions and data management so that we can assist you in your mission to save lives. Their advanced algorithms, secure Data Management Systems, Diagnostic ECG, and Blood Pressure Monitoring products are designed with today’s challenging environment in mind. Spacelabs solutions enable safe, secure and seamless collection, analysis, and management of Diagnostic ECG and Blood Pressure related data throughout your organization and facilities no matter where they are. Our range of Diagnostic Cardiology solutions include Holter Analyzers/Recorders, Stress Testing, Resting ECG, Event Recording, ABP Monitoring, Supplies and Accessories

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Integrated Monitoring Systems

Monitoring vital signs of patients can be useful in overcrowded emergency departments and at disaster scenes, both on-site and during transportation. The integrated monitoring solution offers a broad portfolio of innovative patient monitoring and information systems to support decision-making and help improve patient care. Modular and configured patient monitors and telemetry systems assure immediate access to comprehensive patient data when and where needed. Parameter modules enable users to customize monitoring to specific patients. With modern technology sophisticated clinical tools are integrated into patient monitors to optimize care and efficiency, and connectivity solutions assure reliable performance throughout hospital network.

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Transcutaneous Monitoring

Transcutaneous monitoring (TCM) provides clinicians with greater insight to quickly identify trends, rapidly and accurately assess patient status, and make more well-informed, timely care decisions. It provides continuous, accurate CO2, SpO2, and pulse rate data regardless of ventilation method and without pthe pain or gaps in information associated with Traditional blood gases. Our solutions from Sentec can be used in various care settings such as Neonatal & Pediatric ICU, Anesthesia & Post Anesthesia Care, Acute Respiratory Care, Diagnostic Sleep medicine and Home ventilation management. 

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Brain Scans

Neurology Diagnostics

Neurodiagnostics analyzes and monitors nervous system function to promote the effective treatment of neurological diseases and conditions. Electrical activity arising from the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves is measured by an electroencephalogram using a variety of techniques and instruments. Our partnership with Natus brings to the market a broad range of neurodiagnostic and monitoring solutions, including ICU, EP, EEG, EMG, TCD, IOM, Sleep, Long-term Monitoring, and Functional Brain Mapping, along with a comprehensive line of supplies and integrated connectivity solutions. Nicolet™ EEG amplifiers, monitors and stimulator devices aid with the diagnosis of brain trauma, epilepsy and sleep dysfunction, and can assist with disease or trauma detection, brain surgery and clinical research.

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Sleep (PSG) Solutions

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