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Analytical Controls

AC Analytical Controls® is the recognized leader in specialty chromatography analyzer solutions. Their analytical innovations have defined instrumentation standards since 1981 across the entire spectrum of hydrocarbon-based product streams and various gaseous products. AC combines industry-proven gas chromatographs with decades of industry-specific application knowledge to provide the best standard and custom-engineered GC solutions.

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AC SIMDIS Analyzer

SIMDIS Analyzer

AC Analytical Controls®, the global SIMDIS market leader, provides a full range of solutions that accurately determine true boiling point data from naphtha up to crude oil samples.

The IRIS 3.0 Client/Server seamlessly integrates SimDis & DHA XLNC into your networked CDS environment. Boiling point data is a major specification in characterizing petroleum streams.

PAC provides complete, turn-key gas chromatographic solutions for accurate determination of true boiling point data – from naphtha up to crude oil samples. By completely automating every step in the analysis, AC SIMDIS applications provide fast and accurate boiling point results.


Reformulyzer M4: Hydrocarbon Group Type Analysis


The Reformulyzer M4 determines full group type analysis of gasoline and gasoline blend streams using multi-dimensional gas chromatography. It is the fastest and most flexible analyzer on the market to combine analysis for Paraffins, Olefins, Naphthenes, Oxygenates, and Aromatics in one instrument. The M4 is the only solution that truly meets today’s lab challenges, including time-savings, flexibility, and product value optimization.


SeNse - Sulfur Selective Detector

Sulfur Detector

SeNse is a new detector that has been developed by AC Analytical Controls (PAC) for Gas Chromatography applications aiming to determine Sulfur species in hydrocarbon type matrices. While still based on the Chemiluminescence principle that was employed first in the Antek 7090NS model, the detector has undergone a significant redesign to provide unsurpassed sensitivity resulting in lower detection limits, excellent equimolar response, dynamic range and selectivity. A fast cold start-up, unrivalled signal stability, the sturdy but compact design, and the touchscreen interface makes it the easiest to work with.


Customized GC - Tailored Solutions

Customized GC

The AC Analytical Controls® standard solutions cover a wide spectrum of petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas analysis needs. Often, those standard solutions dont exactly match the analytical challenges at hand, requiring a standard system to be slightly modified. In other cases, a solution needs to be designed for a specific purpose. PAC's history in designing, building, and commissioning customized solutions extends beyond the petrochemical, refining, and natural gas areas into others, such as environmental and food and beverage. Our dedicated team has several decades of documented expertise in engineering solutions that resolve the most complex analytical challenges. If the analytical question is not a standard method, appears difficult, or requires special sample handling, PAC is your best partner.

Applications :
Applicated GC Gas Analysis, Aromatics, Natural Gas Analysis, Refinery Gas Analysis, Gasoline, Sulfur Trace Analysis, Crude, Petrochemical Analysis, Customized Analysis


Hi-Speed RGA - Refinery Gas Component

Refinery Gas Analyzer

Refinery gas streams vary considerably in composition. Determining individual components of each gas stream is a challenge. An exact measure of stream components is essential in achieving optimum control and assuring product quality. PAC's AC Analytical Controls offers the Hi-Speed Refinery Gas Analyzer, a high speed solution that determines and reports the composition of refinery gas streams in only five minutes.


Crude Oil Analyzer

Crude Oil Analyzer


Fast RGA (1058) - Refinery Gas Components

Fast RGA


AC UOP 603-13 Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzer


MDA IP391, EN12916, D6591 - Aromaticity


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