Acute Care

We serve the entire healthcare system, providing reliable single-use solutions for High acuity areas such as Operating rooms, Anesthesia, Intensive care and Emergency departments. Through smart partnerships with industry leaders, our solution offerings include a broad portfolio of innovative patient monitoring and information systems to support decision-making and help improve patient care. The modular and configured patient monitors and telemetry systems assure immediate access to comprehensive patient data when and where needed. Parameter modules enable you to customize monitoring to specific patients. Sophisticated clinical tools are integrated into these patient monitors to optimize care and efficiency, and connectivity solutions assure reliable performance throughout your network.


Our critical care solutions provide the actionable information you may need for early patient intervention, allowing you to leverage scarce resources and deliver high-quality care to patients efficiently. 

Our respiratory care and ventilation solutions help manage optimal lung support while transitioning patients across the continuum of care—from the hospital to the home. With our principal' comprehensive portfolio, you can help enhance patient care and safety while reducing cost.

Featured Principals