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Healthcare Furniture

Hospital furniture along with modern medical equipments holds a crucial importance in health care and is an indispensable component of patient experience. In addition to improving the aesthetics and embellishing the interior of healthcare facilities, they enable caregivers staff, nurses and doctors to carry out their routine tasks while ensuring the comfort, safety and health of their patients. It also make patients and their families comfortable during the course of their hospital stay. The right furniture are deemed as an essential part of a patients' recovery process.

Our assortment of ergonomic healthcare furniture, from the most trusted suppliers and brands, include doctor office seating, behavioral health sofas, bariatric furniture, patient beds, medical cabinetry, exam room, waiting rooms & lobbies furniture and more. Elegant looks, innovative designs and utility are highlights of our offering. Each purpose built furniture are designed and produced with a multitude of applications, safety and functions in mind. 

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FAMA Shelves are designed for the systematic storage of medicine packages and medical items in pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, hospital wards and medical care centres. Their modular construction means you can create your own, entirely flexible configuration – endlessly adaptable whenever your needs change.

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FAMA Drawers are the ideal solution for fast access to packages, with good visibility, excellent space utilisation when storing medicines and ergonomically perfect operation. No other system offers you drawers which can store more packages in the same space.

Waiting Room

Furniture, equipment and non-invasive devices for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations.

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