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Today’s health systems face multiple challenges: a global shortage of nurses, physicians and allied health professionals, raised patient expectations for quality care, safety and access to their information, enhanced information security and privacy standards.  There is also the ever-rising costs / financial challenges and increased governmental reporting and analytics to drive decision-making and improving treatments. Therefore, today’s health systems require patient-centric, integrated Health Information Management Systems that provide robust clinical decision support to physician, nurses and allied health professionals, are easy to use while being accessible from anywhere at anytime and from any device.  Furthermore, solutions shall provide maximum flexibility and scalability to an organization and allow it to independently tailor and evolve their HIMS to address ever changing needs and evolving practices.  It must  also be affordable and provide high value.

HARRIS Flex is a comprehensive, fully integrated and patient centric electronic record system. It includes a full complement of modules and applications integrated in one single database. The solution automates healthcare delivery documentation while providing clinical decision support and supporting best practices.

It supports the entire continuum of care, from the ambulatory clinic to the acute care areas to home care. It integrates all aspects of patient care into a single, confidential patient centered electronic patient record.

HARRIS Flex effectively leverages InterSystems latest platform, IRIS for Health, a robust object relational database optimized for today’s healthcare data, to safely store and expose your clinical data. Flex Clinical Insight enables the extraction of electronic health record (EHR) data out of HARRIS Flex for analytics and trending to improve clinical processes and clinical outcomes. 

HARRIS Flex’ applications are developed to seamlessly support mobile devices using device agnostic HTML 5. HARRIS Flex’ applications can be displayed on a multitude of mobile devices, including Apple, Android and Windows tablets as well as on desktop and laptops

Key Features
  • Patient Registration and Medical Record (Patient master index, bed control etc..)

  • Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy

  • Orders and Results Management

  • Order Sets builder

  • Integrated Medication Management with barcode medication administration

  • Medication Reconciliation

  • Nursing documentation (Assessments, notes, Care Planning, eMAR and more)

  • Physician Documentation (H&P, Notes,Problems, Diagnosis, Chart Review and more)

  • Allied Health Documentation (Assessments, notes, Care Planning, Chart Review, and more)

  • Problem Driven Workflow

  • Clinical Decision Support

  • Controlled Medical Vocabulary

  • CCDA Clinical Document Architecture

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Medical Device Integration(with Harris Accelero)

  • Patient Portal (with Harris PtAccess)

  • Integrated TeleHealth (with Flex TeleHealth)

Benefits of Harris Flex
  • Increases patients’ safety, the quality of care they receive and improves their clinical outcomes

  • Provides robust Clinical Decision Support to clinicians to reduce / prevent medication and medical errors
    Streamlines and optimizes clinical and clerical workflows even when “on the go”

  • Standardizes care and enforces protocols/ best practices and ensures data accuracy

  • Promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and real time communication between healthcare providers

  • Increases physician acceptance, productivity through ordering system and order sets

  • Enables exchange of clinical information between facilities and care providers through leading edge interoperability capabilities

  • Leverages information across the continuum of care to analyze and influence population health outcomes and enhance overall population wellness

  • Provides maximum flexibility and scalability to an organization and allows it to independently tailor and evolve their EHR with built in tools to address ever changing needs and evolving practices

  • Reduces costs associated with unnecessary, inappropriate, or incorrect tests and medications

  • Enhances patient’s overall hospitalization experience and fosters patient engagement & empowerment

About Harris Healthcare 

Harris Healthcare is a global, leading provider of award-winning digital health solutions that improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of patient care. Harris Healthcare provides proven, flexible solutions that make their clients successful by streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and driving positive clinical outcomes. Harris Healthcare is the healthcare vertical of Harris Computer. Harris Computer’s parent company Constellation Software is the largest software business in Canada and is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:CSU) Across the 18 Harris Healthcare Business Units, there are over 1,400 employees supporting their 25 products to 7,000 customers in 34 countries. 

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