Computerised Patient Record


QCPR’s is developed on leading edge technology. It has at its core Intersystems’ HealthShare which provides a robust object relational database optimized for healthcare data as well as leading interoperability capabilities. Our architecture facilitate data interchange through FHIR-based JSON API’s. Furthermore QCPR’s new platform has been developed for use on mobile devices is built on the platform-agnostic HTML5 which allows for display on various devices including iPad, Android and Windows tablets. QCPR supports cloud deployment/virtualization.

Benefits of QCPR
  • Increases patients’ safety and the quality of care they receive

  • Reduces length of stay of patients and improves their clinical outcomes

  • Enhances patient’s overall hospitalization experience and fosters patient engagement & empowerment

  • Maximizes clinician time with patients

  • Provides robust Clinical Decision Support to clinicians to prevent medication and medical errors

  • Streamlines and optimizes clinical and clerical workflows even when “on the go” 

  • Standardizes care and enforces protocols/ best practices and ensures data accuracy

  • Promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and real-time communication between healthcare providers

  • Increases physician acceptance,  productivity through ordering system and order sets

  • Enables exchange of clinical information between facilities and care providers through leading edge interoperability capabilities  

  • Leverages information across the continuum of care to analyze and influence population health outcomes and enhance overall population wellness 

  • Provides maximum flexibility and scalability to an organization and allows it to independently tailor and evolve their EHR with built-in-tools  to address ever changing needs and evolving practices

  • Reduces costs associated with unnecessary, inappropriate, or incorrect tests and medications

QCPR Media Manager

QCPR Media Manager application enables you to store multimedia files in a patient’s electronic health record (EHR) for administrative and clinical purposes. Care providers enterprise-wide will have immediate access to these files, which can save time, reduce costs, and lead to better patient outcomes.

Novus Launch Pad 

Allows providers to review information as well as sign of on orders and results “on-the-go” – from anywhere at any time.  Its intuitive user interface allows for effective, easy-to-use navigation. Access QCPR from anywhere on the mobile device of his/her choice (iOS/Apple, Android, and Windows devices.) 

Novus Meds 

Streamlines the medication reconciliation process throughout the continuum of care - during the home medication collection process, admission, discharge, and at all key transition points. Novus Meds’ intuitive user interface allows quick medication reconciliation. With the embedded powerful Drug Knowledge Vendor content, it provides robust screening and alerting during the medication ordering process to ensure adverse drug events are mitigated. 

Novus ClinDoc

Novus ClinDoc helps streamline the clinical documentation process.  A two-pane approach combining key patient data review on the left with full clinical documentation narrative on the right.   An intelligent carry-forward feature further enhances efficiency and makes writing progress notes fast. Novus ClinDoc leverages rich media functions and incorporates pictures and images to support notes, draw on them and sign documents electronically.  


Novus ClinDoc can generate a broad range of clinical documents streamlining the entire clinical documentation process from admission to discharge resulting in overall greater standardization of documentation for physicians, nurses and allied health. Novus ClinDoc fosters collaboration of care and allow team members to jointly author notes. Clients can select from a large library of Forms the most pertinent ones for their particular workflows and needs.

About Harris Healthcare 

Harris Healthcare Group is a leading healthcare information technology provider.  Their proven EHR, QCPR, enables meaningful, sustainable, strategic and innovative change for Hospitals with their electronic health record (EHR) solution.  Their technology suite provides unmatched breadth and flexibility; integrating all aspects of patient care into a single, confidential electronic patient record. QCPR automates healthcare delivery documentation while providing clinical decision support and best practices and reduces medical and medication errors. 

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