Acute Care

We provide a wide range of services which facilitates continued recovery with a focus on restoring medical & functional capacity to enable the patient to return to the normal life. Our offerings include but not limited to medical devices health professionals use to support patient care.

Medication Management

Our pharmacy automation solutions not only streamline pharmacy workflow and reduce the risk of errors, they also enable hospitals to refocus pharmacy staff on direct patient-care activities. With help from us, hospitals can automate time-consuming tasks such as medication packaging, dispensing, storage and retrieval. These systems cost-effectively streamline the outpatient and inpatient drug dispensing process by ensuring the right drug reaches the right patient at the right time.

Respiratory Therapy

We provide patients with advanced respiratory care from brands that are trusted worldwide. We provide systems that help clinicians deliver enhanced patient care and safety, and reduce costs. We focus on providing advanced diagnostic instruments, connectivity and patient support to help cardio-pulmonary professionals enhance patient care while reducing workflow inefficiencies.

Health Informatics

The Health Informatics division partners with some of the most recognized category leaders in Healthcare IT Vendors, capable of designing and deploying Enterprise wide Data Management Systems that automates the workflow across the continuum of care, applying clinical decision support, compliance and quality reporting.

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