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tcg mcube is an enterprise data ingestion, business intelligence (BI), and big data advanced analytics platform. Using tcg mcube, all your data is cleverly gathered and analysed based on your specific requirement.  Thereby, you can serve your customers better, while simultaneously outperforming competitors.

tcg mcube provides the best performance for Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive analysis of your entire big data ecosystem.  Without relying much on IT, everyone in the enterprise can draw from the same Big Data set to extract exactly what (s) he "wants to know". With lightning speed, data is powerfully analysed, presented, and visualized to provide insights sought, as well as those never imagined.

Data source connectivity and ingestion

The solution can enable ingesting of any data, key characteristics include Variety (Structured / Semi-structured / Unstructured), Velocity (streaming / batch / ad-hoc), Volume and Veracity (quality). This would enable ingesting data from systems (ERP, CRM etc.), applications (in-house), files (manual data like plans / budget), logs (sensor, device), webpages (web-crawling / RSS / APIs), videos, images and documents. The data ingestion layer is capable of handling data of different velocity and varying throughput by means of its resilient streaming data ingestion component and its batch data ingestion component. The data integration layer is capable of data-based, event-based and service-based integration, through its rich-library of pre-built transformations. tcg mcube would provide capabilities to implement data quality checks and rules.

Self-Contained ETL and Data Storage

tcg mcube data ingest considered two methods based on application variable which can be leveraged across different information integration scenarios.


Batch Processing: ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) assimilates data, through batch processing, from the operational environment into integrated, consistent data suitable for consumption to Data store.  Batch mode extraction using SQL extracts, tables, views & files with better work load distribution by preventing ETL (Pentaho) server from executing extract process against all the sources.

Real time, Stream Processing: Enterprise information integration Kafka/Spark Stream based ( Producer, consumer, Stream API and Connector API ) based framework for real-time streaming data pipelines of disparate data types from multiple sources inside and outside the enterprise that reliably get data to tcg mcube data store. Kafka Producer API allows source to publish a stream of records. The Kafka cluster stores streams of records in categories called topics. Each record consists of a key, a value, and a timestamp.

Data Storage

The key storage capabilities include:

  • In-Memory, Distributed, Scalable data storage

  • Automatic replication and failover protection by an application on its own

  • Schema-Free Data organization: Flexibility to deal with all kinds of Data 

  • Multi-Temperature Storage

  • Search based Querying for Performance

  • Big Data Storage framework to optimally support hot/cold data repositories

Analytics Capabilities

The platform provides wide range of analytic capabilities, including, 

  • Transformations and SQL operations

  • Cluster Computing framework to perform read and compute from the data store

  • Various Dashboards capabilities and Alerts for Management

  • Interactive Reports, Charts, graphs for Analysts, it includes 500+ variants of visualization objects, charts, data tables 

  • Statistics and Machine Learning for Data Scientists. Machine Learning Algorithms such as various regression models, classification models, clustering methods, chi-square method and model evaluations, and, 

  • Data Management for IT

Security and Access Control

tcg mcube has a robust data and IT security structure with built-in application security and cloud security. Our integrated security services include authentication, single sign-on, self-services including password reset for employees, customers, partners and consumers etc.

  • Provides Enterprise class level Security and Access Control

  • Encryption available in the transport layer, and on data at rest or in-motion (within the cluster) available

  • Integrated with Active Directory / LDAP services for single sign on

  • Supports Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates for authentication

  • Highly configurable Access Control (Row & Column, Role/ User Based access to Dashboards & Reports, Cluster & Dataset level privileges)

Cloud Adaptability and Scalability

tcg mcube can be implemented both on premise and in cloud. Tcg mcube can also be implemented in a hybrid model - a combination of on premise & cloud. As per the requirement of the customer, data can be segregated accordingly.

About TCG Digital 

TCG Digital is the flagship technology consulting and solutions company of The Chatterjee Group (TCG). TCG Digital help’s in building the modern digital enterprise leveraging the power of Analytics, Mobility, Cyber Security and RPA for specific industry verticals like Healthcare, Retail, Aviation, Government, Insurance etc. With marquee clients across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, TCG Digital's ISO 27001:2013 and CMMI certifications bear testimony to its process-centric approach. TCG Digital's strength lies in our flexible and scalable solutions that are built on modern technology and delivered in-premise/ on the cloud. TCG Digital aims to be strategic consulting and technology partners for its clients and offer solutions that have long-term and sustainable benefits.

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