Acute Care Information System

Critical Care Manager 

PICIS Critical Care Manager is a comprehensive clinical documentation and decision support system that manages the complex workflow of the ICU. This critical care automation solution organizes high volume device data, lab results, calculations, orders, medications and clinical documentation for physicians, nurses and other members of the multidisciplinary team. Critical Care Manager provides a seamless flow of information to everyone on the clinical team; an essential combination for supporting efficient workflow and immediate access to reliable patient information where it is needed most — at the bedside.

Anesthesia Manager

PICIS Anesthesia Manager is an anesthesia information management system (AIMS) which helps anesthesia care providers completely and accurately chart a patient’s progress throughout the surgical encounter, from pre operation through PACU. It also helps support the hospital’s quality mission and effectively empowers anesthesia providers by supplying the necessary information to support administrative needs such as utilization and service line analysis, compliance and quality reporting and billing.

OR Manager

PICIS OR Manager is a comprehensive operating room management system. It provides the necessary data to improve throughput, maximize resources, help clinicians upgrade quality of care and analyze the costs of delivering care. The system combines unparalleled multi-facility functionality, scalability and integration to help healthcare facilities gain a competitive advantage

ED Pulsecheck 

The Emergency Department (ED) is the front door of a hospital. Studies show that more than 50 percent of hospital admissions come through the ED and at least 45 percent of all hospital revenues come from patients admitted through the ED. In fact, ED inpatients typically comprise 72 percent of a hospital’s intensive care days, 67 percent of inpatient lab tests and 57 percent of inpatient days. It is therefore critical for hospitals and providers to improve the quality of care delivered in the ED through increased sharing of patient documentation across both the internal and external care continuum, resulting in a significantly enhanced patient experience. The PICIS high-performance emergency department electronic medical record (ED EMR) offers comprehensive clinical documentation, workflow and meaningful use compliance reporting. As a leader in ED solutions, it facilitates bi-directional information flow with HIS/HIE. Installed in over 1,500 facilities, our emergency department solutions help automate 39 million ED visits per year.

About Picis

Picis provides comprehensive software and services that automate the clinical documentation and business practices of high-acuity care, which includes the ED, operating rooms, post-anesthesia care units and intensive care. These solutions target the areas of the hospital where costs are the greatest and patients are most vulnerable. Proven in more than 1,700 hospitals worldwide, Picis software and services are designed to help hospitals transform their high-acuity services into highly efficient business operations.

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